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  • Aflas O-rings

Aflas O-rings

  • Product Item : Aflas O-rings
  • Category:Aflas O-rings
  • Hardness:40 - 90 shore
  • Temp:-30℃ - 230℃
  • Color:Black White Orange Green Blue and so on
  • Size:GB / AS-568 / BS / JIS / DI

Aflas O-Ring has a wide range of applications in special fields due to its special features of high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance and low permeability.

Why choose Aflas O-rings ?

Chemical field: used for sealing chemical equipment, pipelines and valves, able to withstand the corrosion of chemicals and high temperature environment.
Oil field: used in oil drilling, oil field development and refining, etc., can withstand high temperature and chemical erosion.
Pharmaceutical field: used in pharmaceutical equipment and pipeline sealing, can ensure the quality and safety of drugs.
Food processing field: used in food processing equipment sealing, can ensure the hygiene and quality of food.