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About Us

BODI SEALS is a global technical advisor and a leading manufacturer of sealing solutions which specialized in the research, development, manufacturer and export of High-quality Caterpillar Seals, Industrial & Agricultural Oil Seals, Automobile and Motorcycle Oil Seals,Hydraulic Seals & Pneumatic Seals, Rubber O-rings, O-ring kits, Gaskets, Customized Rubber Parts, Rubber Cord Strip, Bonded Seals, V-ring, X-ring, Back up ring and so on with competitive price !

Why choose BD Seals ?

BD Seals motto:Quality is the core and fundamental of the enterprise!

● we have passed ISO9000 quality management system certification.

● we have our own import and export rights. We export all our products through our own import and export company: therefore, all procedures for exporting are swift and safe.
● adopts the process control method of quality planning, quality control and quality improvement in the whole process from raw materials entering the factory to products leaving the factory.
● has advanced mixing equipment, professional heating storage, and precision molding equipment to ensure the stability of the compound.
● Advanced automated phosphating production line, automatic gluing machine, drying line, to ensure the skeleton bonding effect
● Precision CNC lathe, PDM software, strict mold verification, management process, to ensure that the mold fully meets the requirements
● Adopting advanced vacuum vulcanization equipment, automatic control of vulcanization process parameters to ensure stable vulcanization quality.
● Adopting advanced vacuum trimming machine to ensure consistent quality of product lip.

●  we have large stocks on different types of Oil seals & Rubber o-rings with different materials and sizes, we can offer same day shipment or lead time in the range of 7-15 days.
●  Our payment method is very flexible, as for some high-quality customers, we can provide a monthly settlement of 30-60 days !

Under the guidance of our corporate mission "Excellent Quality, Satisfactory Service", we will do our best to be your good business partner, we sincerely hope to cooperate with friends all over the world, and we will always support our customers to develop promising business in their local markets, so If you are looking for a partner with reliable quality and suitable for your market, please contact our BD Seals team, we will provide the best service and High-quality for all our customers !