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DAS Hydraulic Seal-Piston Seals

DAS Combination Seal is a multifunctional combination seal The function of guiding and sealing is realized by the seal itself in a small space Compact, simple, short length Integral piston mounting. The combination seal consists of a polyurethane sealing ring, two support rings and two guide rings, with a polyurethane sealing element in the center that actually seals; and a retaining ring and a wear ring on each side. The retaining ring prevents the seal from being pushed out into the gap; the seal in the center is a toothed seal, which provides a good seal at rest and in motion. The wear ring acts as a guide for the piston in the cylinder and withstands radial forces.


Abrasion resistance: DAS polyurethane seals have good abrasion resistance and can withstand high speed rotation and frequent friction without being easily damaged, prolonging the service life.
Oil resistance: the seals can work normally in liquid media such as lubricating oil and hydraulic oil, and have good oil resistance, not easily eroded by solvents and oils.
Temperature resistance: DAS polyurethane seals show good temperature resistance within a certain temperature range and can also be specially configured to adapt to higher temperature environments.
Good elastic recovery: Polyurethane materials have excellent elasticity and resilience and are able to recover their original shape quickly, ensuring stable sealing and guiding properties.
Dimensional stability: DAS polyurethane seals have good dimensional stability and are not prone to expansion, deformation or contraction, and are able to maintain stable sealing effect under high pressure and high temperature conditions.


DAS polyurethane seals are widely used as piston seals in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, such as hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, air cylinders and so on. They can effectively prevent the leakage of liquid or gas and provide stable sealing effect to ensure the normal operation of the system.