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Glyd Rings Hydraulic Seals - Piston Seals

Glyd Ring consists of a combination of a rubber O-ring and a PTFE ring.The O-ring applies force and the Glycerine ring is a double acting piston seal. Low friction, no creep, low starting force, high pressure resistance. It can be categorized into Glei ring for hole and Glei ring for shaft.

Hole rotary Glyd Ring consists of a low-friction filled polytetrafluoroethylene sealing ring and O-ring, used in rods, shafts, rotary joints, etc. with rotary or oscillating motion, belonging to the peripheral sealing, is a kind of rotary sealing ring that can be subjected to the two-side pressure or alternating pressure action of the bi-directional action. According to the different size of PTFE sealing ring cross-section, one or two annular grooves can be processed to form a lubricant cavity, which reduces friction, and at the same time improves the specific pressure of the sealing surface, and also enhances the sealing effect. It is excellent for heavy-duty double think piston sealing in high and low pressure and high frequency working conditions. Suitable for long and short strokes, and in a wide range of liquids and high.

Shaft Glyd Ring is composed of a low-friction filled PTFE rectangular sealing ring and an O-ring, which is used for linear reciprocating movement of high-pressure system cylinders, servo cylinders in the piston rod sealing, and plays the role of bi-directional sealing.


Adaptable: Glyd Ring can be adapted to different working conditions and media, including high temperature, high pressure, low temperature and various chemical media. It provides stable sealing performance that is long lasting and durable.
Low friction loss: The sealing lip of Glyd Ring adopts special geometry and material structure, which makes it have low friction loss during movement, and can reduce energy consumption and heat generation.
High speed adaptability: Glyd Ring can adapt to high speed rotary and reciprocating conditions while maintaining good sealing performance.

Operation conditions:

● Press:≤40Mpa

● Temp:-35℃ - 200℃

● Speed:≤4m/s

● Media:Almost all of media

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