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  • HNBR O-rings

HNBR O-rings

  • Product Item : HNBR O-rings
  • Category:HNBR O-rings
  • Hardness:60 - 90 shore
  • Temp:-40℃ - 150℃
  • Color:Black White Orange Green Blue and so on
  • Size:GB / AS-568 / BS / JIS / DIN

HNBR is a highly saturated specialty elastomer obtained by hydrotreating nitrile rubber (NBR). Compared with NBR, the molecular structure of HNBR contains little or no carbon-carbon double bonds, and while maintaining the properties of NBR such as oil resistance and abrasion resistance, it also has more excellent resistance to heat and oxygen aging (can work for a long period of time at 150℃), ozone resistance, radiation resistance, chemical resistance (good resistance to hydrogen sulfide) and good dynamic properties.

why choose HNBR O-ring ?

HHBR has a wide range of application prospects in a number of fields due to its excellent performance characteristics, such as resistance to oil, high temperature, ozone, and chemicals. First, in the automotive industry, the use of HNBR in engine compartments, drivelines, and fuel systems is expanding, especially with the rise of electric vehicles, which has led to an increasing demand for high-performance seals. Secondly, in the energy sector, the use of HNBR in oilfield drilling equipment, blowout preventers and pipeline seals is expected to increase with the development of deep-sea oil and gas resources. In addition, HNBR demonstrates great potential in the chemical and industrial sectors, such as chemical pipelines, valves, industrial equipment, and applications in high-temperature