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  • EPDM O-rings

EPDM O-rings

  • Product Item : EPDM O-rings
  • Category:EPDM O-rings
  • Hardness:40 - 90 shore
  • Temp:-40℃ - 150℃
  • Color:Black White Orange Green Blue and so on
  • Size:GB / AS-568 / BS / JIS / DIN

EPDM O-Rings show excellent performance in terms of temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance, weather resistance and ageing resistance, and are suitable for a number of sealing applications that require weathering and chemical resistance, such as the automotive industry, the construction industry, water treatment equipment and industrial pipelines.

Why choose EPDM O-ring ?

Temperature resistance: EPDM O-rings show good temperature resistance in general working temperature, usually can work normally in the temperature range of -40℃ to +150℃.

Acid and alkali resistance: EPDM O-rings have good acid and alkali resistance, and can be used in acidic and alkaline media for a long time without significant corrosion and hardening.
Climate resistance: EPDM O-rings have good weather resistance, can be used in outdoor environments for a long time without being affected by climate change, maintaining its elasticity and sealing performance.
Aging resistance: EPDM O-Ring has good aging resistance, even in long time use and exposure to harsh environmental conditions, but also can keep its performance stable.
Excellent sealing: EPDM O-Ring has good sealing performance, which can effectively prevent the leakage of liquids and gases and ensure the normal operation of equipment and systems.