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  • Silicone O-rings

Silicone O-rings

  • Product Item : Silicone O-rings
  • Category:Silicone O-rings
  • Hardness:30 - 90 shore
  • Temp:-60℃ - 250℃
  • Color:Black White Orange Green Blue and so on
  • Size:GB / AS-568 / BS / JIS / DIN

Silicone rubber is a highly active adsorbent material, is an amorphous substance, its chemical molecular formula is mSiO2-nH2O. insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic, tasteless, chemically stable, in addition to strong alkali, hydrofluoric acid, does not react with any substance. Various models of silica gel due to its different manufacturing methods and the formation of different microporous structure. The chemical composition and physical structure of silica gel determine that it has many other similar materials are difficult to replace the characteristics: high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, chemical stability, high mechanical strength and so on.

Why choose Silicone O-ring ?

High temperature resistance: Silicone O-Ring can maintain good elasticity and sealing performance in high temperature environment.
Chemical corrosion resistance: silicone O-rings have good corrosion resistance to a variety of chemicals, can be used in acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive media.
Aging resistance: Silicone O-rings have good aging resistance and can maintain their elasticity and sealing performance for a long time.
Good elasticity and resilience: Silicone O-rings have good elasticity and resilience, which can effectively fill the sealing gap and ensure the sealing effect.
Low permeability: Silicone O-rings have low permeability, which can effectively prevent gas or liquid leakage.

How doese Silicone O-ring application ?

Mechanical equipment: Silicone O-rings are widely used in the sealing parts of various mechanical equipment, such as automobile engines, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems and so on.
Electronic and electrical appliances: Silicone O-rings are commonly used in the field of electronic and electrical appliances for sealing connection, waterproof and dustproof, such as cell phones, TVs, computers and other electronic products.
Medical devices: Silicone O-rings are widely used in medical devices, such as syringes, infusion sets, blood pressure monitors, etc., to ensure the sealing performance and safety of the devices.
Food Processing: Silicone O-rings are widely used in the food processing industry, such as the sealing parts of food machinery and equipment, to ensure the hygiene and quality of food.
Chemical industry: Silicone O-rings are used in the chemical industry to seal chemical reactors, piping connections, etc. They are able to withstand the corrosion of chemical substances and high temperatures.