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DKB dust wiper seal

DKB dust wiper seal is made of polyurethane rubber (PU) + iron, with simple groove structure, quite good dynamic and static sealing effect, low friction resistance, no crawling phenomenon, and various specifications. Widely used in excavator cylinders.

Instructions for use:
When installing, let the oil cylinder coated with slippery oil compatible with the material of the oil seal, and then set on the beveled guide rail. If there is difficulty in advancing along the

beveled guide, you can place the oil seal in a suitable lubricant or air heating control at to -20 ℃ ~ 100 ℃, and then proceed to the assembly in the beveled guide, be careful of scalding when installing after heating.
Push the dustproof oil seal into the groove by relying on the beveled guide.
Compress the seal into the groove with a resizing tool to restore the seal to its original size.