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  • O-ring Cords

O-ring Cords

  • Product Item : O-ring Cords
  • Category:Rubber Cords strip
  • Materials:NBR/ FKM/ Silicone/ EPDM/ HNBR
  • Hardness:50-90 shore
  • Size:≥1mm
  • Color:Black/ Brown/ Green/ Clear/ Blue/ Red
Rubber O-ring O-ring, also known as rubber sealing strip, is a ring-shaped seal made of rubber material, is a kind of economic and practical seals, has a wide range of applications and reliable sealing performance. It plays an important role in various industrial and mechanical equipment.


● Material selection: rubber O-ring is usually made of polychloroprene rubber (NBR), or fluorine rubber (FKM) and other materials. Different materials have different oil resistance, heat resistance and chemical resistance.
● Sealing performance: Rubber O-ring has excellent sealing performance, which can effectively prevent the leakage of liquid, gas or dust. By compression in the sealing gap to form an effective seal.
● Application areas: rubber O-ring is widely used in various industrial fields, including hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, automotive, aerospace, electronic equipment and so on. Common applications include sealing pipes, valves, pumps and other equipment.
● Temperature range: The temperature resistance range of rubber O-strips depends on the choice of rubber material. Generally speaking, the temperature resistance range of NBR material is -40℃ to +100℃, and the temperature resistance range of FKM material can reach -20℃ to +200℃.

● Chemical Stability: Rubber O-Rings have good chemical stability and can resist erosion and corrosion of many chemicals. Different materials have different resistance to different chemicals.