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  • PFA/FKM FDA EU1935/2004 with Rohs CE Approved

PFA/FKM FDA EU1935/2004 with Rohs CE Approved

  • Product Item : PFA/FKM FDA EU1935/2004 with Rohs CE Approved
  • Category:FEP/FPA O-rings
  • Hardness:85-90shore
  • Tepm:-60℃ to 260℃
  • Tensile strength:2800 - 5,000PSI ASTM D-638
  • Ultimate elongation:250 -330% ASTM D-638

FEP/PFA O-rings use a special process to wrap a layer of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant material around the outer layer of the sealing ring to provide better sealing, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and chemical media resistance.

Why choose FEP/PFA O-ring ?

● Corrosion resistance: the seal outer material can be selected according to different conditions of different corrosion-resistant materials, which makes it in the chemical medium corrosive environment can be long-term stable operation, prolong the service life.

High abrasion resistance: The material of the outer layer of the seal is usually chosen to have strong abrasion resistance, This material has excellent abrasion resistance, making it better able to maintain sealing performance in high-speed movement or high friction conditions.

High temperature resistance: Wrapped O-rings are usually made of high-temperature materials, which have excellent high-temperature resistance and can maintain good sealing performance in high-temperature environments.

Low-temperature resistance:  For some low-temperature application scenarios, seals can be made of low-temperature materials, which enable them to maintain good elasticity and sealing performance in low-temperature environments.

Ageing resistance: The seals are usually made of high quality special materials with good ageing resistance, which can still maintain good sealing performance after a long time of use.

Anti-compression deformation: The material of the outer layer of the seal ring has good compression deformation resistance, which can still maintain a stable sealing effect under high pressure, and is suitable for high-pressure sealing occasions.

What are the areas of application ?

● Chemical equipment: in chemical equipment, seals are widely used in various types of valves, pumps, sealing devices and other parts. Its corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant and low-temperature resistant characteristics enable it to provide reliable sealing effect in complex chemical media.
● Food industry: In the food industry, covered O-rings are commonly used in food grade seals, such as food packaging machines, food processing equipment. Its safe and non-toxic, high temperature resistant, chemical medium resistant characteristics, to ensure the safety and hygiene of the food production process.

● Hydraulic system: seals are widely used in hydraulic systems, especially in high-pressure hydraulic systems. Its high-pressure, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant characteristics, so that it can provide stable and reliable sealing effect in hydraulic cylinders, valves, oil seals and other parts.
● Automotive industry: in the automotive industry, seals are widely used in engines, transmissions, brake systems and other key parts. Its high temperature resistance, oil resistance, abrasion resistance and other characteristics, to ensure that the car in the harsh conditions of normal operation.
● Medical devices: In medical devices, seals are commonly used in infusion sets, blood separators and other key parts. Its corrosion-resistant, high temperature-resistant, chemical medium-resistant characteristics, so that it can ensure the safety and reliability of medical equipment.