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  • Cassette Seals

Cassette Seals

  • Product Item : Cassette Seals
  • Category:Agricultural Oil Seals
  • Product description:Cassette wheel hub Oil Seal
  • Temp:-30℃ - 80℃
  • Materials:NBR
  • Application:Agricultural machinery

BD Seals as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality oil seals in China, we provide high-quality and more competitive price Cassette Seals.

Cassette Seals Overview:

Cassette Seals are highly rigid and robust sealing systems, BD sealing manufactures a series of cassette seals as per the clients requirements, the cassette seals are generally made up of a sleeve, sealing lip with a spring and several anti-dust lips integrated into a labyrinth system to protect against external pollution which are distinguished by greater system reliability and longevity. Furthermore, their friction surface, and it has been adjusted and finished beforehand, does not require any shaft maintenance during replacement.

Cassette Seals Type:

Cassette Seals Size: