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UN Hydraulic Seals - Piston Seals

UN Hydraulic Seals is a one-way acting seal made of polyurethane material with an equal height geometry of inner and outer lips. Its sealing effect comes from the preloading of itself and the compression of the sealing lip during installation. During operation, the pressure of the system increases the radial mechanical contact force of the seal.
UN Hydraulic Seals are widely used as unidirectional acting or bidirectional acting (back-to-back mounting) seals for pistons or piston rods in reciprocating motion hydraulic systems, such as those used in travelling machinery, injection molding machines, forestry machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery and industrial hydraulic cylinders. They also have good mechanical properties under severe working conditions; in the case of medium or heavy load piston rods, they are used in combination with Steckel seals with very good results.

● Working temperature: -35~+100℃.
● Product hardness: 90±5 shore
● Reciprocating speed: ≤0.5m/s
● Working pressure: ≤32Pa
● Working medium: hydraulic oil, water