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  • Micro small rubber O-ring

Micro small rubber O-ring

  • Product Item : Micro small rubber O-ring
  • Category:Rubber O-rings
  • Materials:NBR/EPDM/HNBR/Silicone and so on
  • Size:ID*CS 0.1mm - 0.9mm
  • Hardness:40 - 90 shore
  • Color:Black/ White/ Orange/ Green/ Blue and so on

Micro small rubber O-ring usually refer to O-rings with smaller diameters, which are commonly used in the fields of precision instruments, electronic equipments and micro-machines, our size can be from ID*CS 0.1mm - 0.9mm with FFKM, HNBR ,EPDM ,Viton, PU, ACM, NBR ,VMQ, PTFE, AFLAS, SBR and so on

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The following are the characteristics and application scenarios of small size O-Rings:
Dimensional accuracy: Small size O-Rings usually have high dimensional accuracy to meet the strict requirements for sealing performance and ensure the normal operation of precision equipment and devices.
Excellent sealing: Despite their small size, small O-Rings can still provide a good sealing effect to prevent liquid or gas leakage and ensure the reliability of the equipment.
Durability: Despite their small size, small size O-Rings are able to withstand pressure and temperature changes and maintain their elasticity and sealing performance consistently.
Wide application: small size O-rings can be used in various precision equipment and devices, such as instrumentation, medical equipment, optical instruments, communication equipment, automotive electronics, etc., to provide them with effective sealing protection.

It should be noted that for the selection and use of small size O-rings, the dimensional measurement and processing requirements are more stringent, so a high degree of precision and attention to detail is required in the production and installation process.

Please consult with our BD Seals team for specific sizes and materials of small O-Rings to ensure that the right product and material is selected to meet the requirements of the specific application.