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  • ACM O-rings

ACM O-rings

  • Product Item : ACM O-rings
  • Category:ACM O-rings
  • Hardness:40 - 90 shore
  • Temp:-25℃ - 150℃
  • Color:Black White Orange Green Blue and so on
  • Size:GB / AS-568 / BS / JIS / DIN

ACM O-rings are rubber seals with an O-shaped cross-section made of saturated polar rubber. It has excellent heat resistance, better oil resistance than nitrile rubber, and still provides excellent performance in extreme pressure type lubricant environments.

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Why choose ACM O-rings ?

Heat Resistance: ACM O-Rings are able to maintain their elasticity and sealing properties in high temperature environments, typically withstanding temperatures of up to 150°C.
Oil Resistance: ACM O-Rings have good resistance to mineral oils, lubricants and certain chemicals and can be used in lubricant media such as lubricants and hydraulic fluids.
Aging resistance: ACM O-Rings have good aging resistance and can be used for a long time without becoming hard or brittle.
Low Gas Permeability: The material structure of ACM O-Rings provides low gas permeability, which effectively prevents gas leakage.
ACM O-Rings are widely used in the following fields:
Automotive industry: ACM O-Rings are commonly used in automotive engines, transmission systems, hydraulic systems and fuel systems to seal and prevent liquid or gas leakage.
Industrial equipment: ACM O-Rings are used in various industrial equipment, such as pumps, valves, compressors, hydraulic cylinders, etc., for sealing and preventing media leakage.
Electronic and electrical appliances: ACM O-Rings can be used for sealing of electronic and electrical products, such as batteries, power supplies, sensors, etc.
Other fields: ACM O-rings can also be used in aerospace, military equipment, medical equipment, chemical equipment, etc. for sealing and protection in special environments.