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TC Type Oil Seal

Ningbo BD Seals is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality oil seals in China.
Our factory has more than 10,000 different sizes and molds of oil seals and more than 1,000,000 oil seals of different types and sizes in stock for you to choose from.

Oil Seals Overview:

Oil seals also known as shaft seals, are widely used to prevent the leakage of media (e.g. oil and grease) along rotating shafts. It is a mechanical component used to seal grease (oil is the most common liquid substance in a transmission system and also refers to liquid substances in general). It isolates the parts of the transmission that require lubrication from the output parts so that the lubricant does not leak.

A representative oil seal is the TC oil seal, which is a double-lip oil seal with a self-tightening spring and is completely encapsulated in rubber. In general, oil seals are usually referred to as these TC Simmerrings.